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How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

Most people want to live longer, but they also include the qualifier,” and remain active and independent.” Quality of life is the key. When you exercise regularly, it increases both longevity and the quality of those added years. The old saying, “Exercise adds years to your life, and life to those years,” is true. HowRead More..

How To Tell If I'm Dehydrated

How To Tell If I’m Dehydrated

Knowing the signs of dehydration is vital in Lakeland, FL, in all seasons, especially during the cooler months when you’re less likely to think you can get dehydrated. You might carry water everywhere, but if you’re not sipping on it frequently, it does your body no good. Each person’s symptoms will vary. Knowing all theRead More..

Ways To Exercise As A Couple

Ways To Exercise As A Couple

Many couples in Lakeland, FL join the gym together and then work out at different times. That might be a wasted opportunity. Sometimes, it’s because of childcare, while other times it’s simply scheduling convenience. Both are logical reasons, but why not take at least one day for time as a couple? Work out together andRead More..

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