Discover how you can get the body of your dreams with Habitat Semi-Private and Team Training.

Most of our clients come to us tired of spending so much time at the gym and not seeing results. They’re ready to lose weight, tone up, and get healthy. And keep their results! For the past 11 years, we’ve focused on fat loss through our Team Training program, and our clients have built bodies that they love.

If you’re ready to accelerate your results, we have developed our Semi-Private training program to focus on strength and lose weight FASTER.

Semi-Private Training
(Up to 6 people)

For strength building, fast results, and lasting change

Team Training
(Average 20 people)

For fat-melting, weight-loss focused workouts
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The Only Semi-Private Training Program Made Entirely To Your Goals


Contact us today and meet with one of our personal trainers – We”ll discuss your goals and recommend a plan that will work for you


Get the attention you deserve in our semi-private setting – Learn to exercise safely with feedback from our instructors while you get STRONG and LEAN


Lose weight, build strength, and keep your results – When you develop habits tailored to your lifestyle, you’ll lose weight and keep it off!

Here’s What Our Semi-Private Training and Team Training Client’s Success Looks Like

  • Have a safe training experience that addresses your specific goals
  • Build habits effortlessly to maintain your results
  • Become stronger overall with increased muscular and structural strength
  • Feel confident about your body and looks


Why Semi-Private Training With Habitat?

When people think about weight loss, strength training isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind.

Your muscle is your metabolism. It’s your muscle that actually turns food into energy. The stronger your muscles are, the more efficient they are in this process. So, the best way to create long-term change is to build your muscles and metabolism.

That’s what our Semi-Private training program is all about. Our sessions are strength training based and hyper focused.

Each class is limited to 6 clients so that you get a one-on-one experience with the trainer. You’ll receive extra accountability to make sure you are hitting your goals.

And don’t worry if you’ve never lifted weights before. Each workout is customized so you can participate safely no matter your fitness level or knowledge.

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