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You don’t have to be a senior citizen to start feeling like a crabby old person. People in their twenties can be crabby. That comes from getting out of shape and finding it hard to move around or getting tired to easily. Even people of advanced years don’t have to be crabby old people. With a program of regular exercise and healthy eating from a personal trainer in Lakeland, FL adding years doesn’t have to mean getting older and grumpy. It can mean a new lease on life to do all the things postponed in earlier years.

When you workout, you’ll be burning off the hormones of stress that can make you grumpy.

Stress is a killer of both your body and your disposition. When you feel stressed, your body goes into a fight or flight mode that makes specific changes. It slows the blood flow to some organs, like the digestive system and increases it to extremities to prepare for running or fighting. Stress can affect your health negatively and if the hormones aren’t burnt off, with running, fighting or some form of exercise, even lead to weight gain and a grumpy disposition.

Exercise helps boost your energy level.

Have you ever noticed how grumpy you get when you’re just plain exhausted? It’s true! When you workout you’ll boost your energy levels. It will take a couple of weeks before you start to notice the difference, but once you do, you’ll want to workout even more. You’ll zip through your daily tasks and have energy left over at the end of the day for other activities.

Healthy eating can also change your mood.

If you’re riding that seesaw that comes from eating sugar, with high spikes in energy, followed by a super big drop in your blood sugar level, you’re bound to have less than a great disposition. It can make you crabby and on edge. In order to have more energy and be in a better mood, healthy eating should be a top priority. You’ll feel better, look better and have far more energy when you eat a healthy diet. A personal trainer can show you how to create one.

  • Working out not only burns off the hormones of stress, it also triggers the creation of hormones that make you feel great.
  • You’ll love all the extra energy you have and how you feel years younger when you workout with a personal trainer and follow his or her recommendations for a healthy diet.
  • You’ll not only feel years younger, you’ll look years younger, too. Exercise makes changes in your body that add to a more youthful appearance. It improves your posture and sends oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all parts of your body, including your skin, to give a more youthful appearance.
  • Not only will you look younger, you’ll be younger at a cellular level. Exercise lengthens the telomeres of the cells that protect them from damage that can cause aging.

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