“I lost 10.5 pounds and 7.5 inches in 6 weeks!”

    A few months ago I was overweight, exhausted, and struggling to keep up with three children. I often heard myself say, “Mommy’s too tired to play outside today.” I felt like a hypocrite for insisting that the kids eat healthy snacks while I munched on chips. I feared their childhood memories would be of their fat mom sitting on the sidelines while everyone else enjoyed life. Before Habitat my thoughts about health and fitness were full of regret, fear, and dread.

    This program gave me a real solution, not a temporary fix. I lost 7.5 inches over the last six weeks and I toned areas of my body that I had given up on years ago. I lost weight and gained more energy. My favorite thing about boot camp is the way we keep each other encouraged and accountable. This is different from anything I’ve ever done because it’s changed my way of thinking – now I refuse to make excuses. Recently I began having painful attacks and my doctor confirmed that my gallbladder had to be removed. The old me would have used that as an excuse to drop out of the challenge and sit around and eat a bunch of junk. I knew that my gallbladder would flare up whether I worked out or not so despite the pain, I pressed on. I went in for surgery on the last day of the body transformation challenge.

    My doctor was amazed by how quickly I bounced back. I credit my speedy recovery largely to my new found healthy lifestyle. There is no short cut to fitness, you have to put forth the effort…but the good news is that Brandon can put you on the fast track!