Delicious Treats You Can Have In Moderation

Snacking is almost an American tradition. You see it in commercials and commonly on TV shows. If you started eating healthier, healthy snacks should also be on the menu. Sometimes, you want more. You want special treats that you used to eat before your dietary changes. You can still have them, but you must eat them in moderation and only occasionally. If weight loss is one of your goals, try to keep the portion size between 100-200 calories.

Start by creating individual sizes.

Most treats people crave are not only high in calories but also unhealthy. They contain high amounts of sugar and often have no redeeming quality unless it’s the pleasure you get when you eat them. Most contain high amounts of sugar, fat, and-or salt. They’re created to make you want more. You can avoid over-eating by dividing larger sizes into 100 to 200-calorie portions and limiting yourself to one portion.

Nuts and trail mix are healthy treats you can consume daily but in moderation.

You can purchase individual bags of nuts, but most of them are highly salted and oil roasted. You’re better off buying raw nuts and creating individual-sized bags. Walnuts, pistachios, and pecans are good choices. You can add pumpkin or sunflower seeds to your mix. For a little sweetness, add pieces of dried fruit or a small amount of dark chocolate.

If you want cake, make it angel food.

People often miss their sweet treats when they switch to a healthier lifestyle. Sometime, that sweet apple or those grapes won’t do. When you’re at that point, consider angel food cake. One slice is just 72 calories. Top it with sliced strawberries or blueberries and 2 TBSP of non-fat topping for another 100 calories and you have a delectable dessert for under 200 calories. You could even sprinkle on a few shavings of dark chocolate.

  • Make a parfait with Greek yogurt, a half banana, fresh or frozen cherries or berries, and nuts. Layer it in an 8-ounce Mason jar. Put on the lid and refrigerate. It’s about 115 calories.
  • Make a healthy dip and cut up fresh veggies for a treat that will fill you up without adding extra calories. Avoid eating too much dip, since even the healthiest options are often higher in calories.
  • Sweet treats that are fit for a gourmet meal are strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Use chocolate chips or a square of dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao. Microwave the chocolate to melt it, then dip the fruit. You can also dip frozen bananas on a stick.
  • Choose popcorn over potato chips but make the popcorn yourself. Air-popped or homemade microwave popcorn are good options. You don’t need oil to make microwave popcorn, just a bowl with a loose plate to cover it.

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