Get Your Body Summer Ready

It’s pretty hot outside and you might think it’s too late to get your body summer ready in Winter Haven, FL, but it’s never too late. In fact, after just a month of exercise, you’ll notice a difference. There’s still three months of summer and summery warm weather in September and October, where you can show off your new body in more revealing warm weather clothing. You’ll look fabulous in a swimsuit and even better for the year end holidays.

Decide what your goal is.

You have to know what you want to accomplish, before you can accomplish it. Do you want to tone your body? Lose weight? Build energy or do all three? Identify your goal and make it specific. Instead of just saying I want to lose weight, focus on how many pounds you want to lose or how many inches you want to lose if toning your body is key. Your goal must be measurable. For instance, measuring energy could include how many flights of steps you can climb without getting winded. A personal trainer can help you develop your goal and track your steps toward achieving it.

Exercise is important, but a great body starts in the kitchen.

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet, but you don’t have to starve yourself to get fit. Eating healthy is all about making smarter choices in food. If you have healthy snacks available, you won’t be as likely to buy a candy bar at the gas station or eat everything in sight when you get home from work. Most people love the new way of healthy eating and find the food is delicious and filling. If you’re eating healthy, not dieting, you won’t feel deprived and can even occasionally have some of your favorite foods, keeping portion control in mind.

Make an appointment for a healthy body and keep it.

Make exercise a habit by working out the same time every day. Make it an appointment that you’ll keep, like a doctor’s appointment. If a friend asked you to go to lunch when you had a doctor’s appointment, you’d probably say no because of the appointment. Do the same with your time for exercise. In fact, you might consider it an appointment that helps prevent a lot of doctor’s appointments.

  • When you write down your goals, you can find ways to keep them. For instance, meal planning is a big help. You plan a week’s meals at once, create a grocery list and shop all at once. Then make the entire week’s meals on the weekend so you only have to warm or assemble them during the week.
  • Working out with a friend can make it more fun and can actually be motivation to go to the gym. At Habitat Health and Fitness, we offer lower cost group programs that are perfect to join.
  • As you get fitter, you can start adding fun, yet active, things to your schedule. They can include everything from hiking, swimming, bicycling and even dancing the night away.
  • Based on your goal, find a way to track your progress. While most people use weight, you can use inches, clothing sizes and even health indicators like blood sugar levels or blood pressure.

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