Health Benefits Of Walking

When the weather is hot, like it is in the summer if Florida, it’s easy to take the car for short trips and even may be wiser if you have health issues. However, on those wonderfully cooler days, taking a walk can be a huge boost to your overall health. There are health benefits of walking that you may be missing, even if you workout regularly at the gym. You’ll be more in touch with nature when you walk, especially if you go to the many parks, lakes and gardens in the area, like Hollis Garden.

You aren’t in shape and afraid to walk very far, not a problem.

Walking can help you get started on a program of fitness. Even people who are completely out of shape can walk. It doesn’t mean they should start by walking a mile. Start by walking a block or less. Remember, you have to walk back to your starting point, so don’t push it. As soon as you start to feel tired, turn around and head for home. If it’s too hot to walk outside, go to an air-conditioned mall to walk. You can use walking as just the first step to getting back into shape, although, it’s not a complete program of exercise. We feel that a guided program of traditional exercise can help you reach your goal faster.

Walking is heart healthy.

Walking is good for your heart and entire circulatory system. If you want an even faster way to boost health, turn your walk into an HIIT—high intensity interval training—walk. You do that by modifying your walk, walking at top speed and intensity for a few minutes, then slowing it down to a recovery pace. After that, switch it back up to high gear. If you don’t have a full half hour to walk, do three ten minute walks throughout the day. It does just as much good.

Walking is good for weight loss.

You’ll burn extra calories when you walk and that can help you lose more weight, while improving your stamina. Walking also helps boost your brain power. Since walking increases circulation, which sends oxygen and nutrient laden blood to all parts of the body, that includes the brain. Studies show that it not only increases brain nutrients and oxygen, it reduces the LDL cholesterol, the bad artery clogging type. Studies on Alzheimer’s and dementia show walking reduces the effects of the disease. It also can reduce anxiety and depression.

  • Walking is a weight bearing exercise. Doing weight bearing exercises like walking or weightlifting, can help reduce the potential for osteoporosis and can even reverse some of the damage. Studies show it’s as good or better than some medications.
  • If you’re overweight or have problems with your joints, walking is far better than running. It is a lower impact exercise, so you don’t have the pounding motion on the joints as you would with other exercises.
  • Walking can improve your immune system. It also aids in digestion, while helping to regulate blood glucose levels. Walking can also help reduce the potential for some types of cancer.
  • Walking is simple and available to everyone. You don’t need special gear or clothing, except good shoes. Always make sure you have correct posture when you walk, keeping your head high, while freely swinging your arms as you walk.

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