Is It Bad To Workout Every Day?

Will you get faster results if you workout every day? It all depends on what you consider a workout. If you’re lifting weights every day, STOP! You’ll actually be losing ground rather than gaining it. When you lift weights or do strength building exercises, it makes micro tears in the muscle that need time to heal. When they heal, they get bigger and stronger. If you don’t give that time to heal, which means you won’t get stronger and often go backward, getting weaker in the process.

You can train every day if you alternate.

Some people spend one day on legs and the next on the upper torso. Others devote a day to endurance, one to strength training and one to flexibility training and then restart the cycle. Doing some type of physical activity every day won’t hurt, and will help if you’re trying to lose weight. However, repeating the same workout, same level of intensity or focusing on the same muscle group each day isn’t necessarily healthy and won’t be your best option in the long run.

To vary intensity levels, try HIIT—high intensity interval training—-on one day and extended walking on the next.

You can’t force your body to get fit quicker than it’s able. It all takes time. Have a schedule that combines both the gym and activities outside the gym. For instance, take a walk through the park or ride a bike as an alternative to a tough workout. It gives your body time to heal, plus provides circulation so it speeds the process.

Make sure you get all types of workouts.

While some people focus on building muscles and others focus on aerobic training, they’re both wrong. You need both types of training, plus balance and flexibility training. Without flexibility training, you’re more prone to injury when you’re lifting weights. All types of training are important to be truly fit. You can combine types of training or focus on each on different days.

  • When you’re working out hard, don’t go home and lay on the couch the rest of the night. After your workout, continue with activities you’d normally do.
  • It’s okay to train every day, especially when you do it the same time each day. It helps you get into the habit. Just don’t do the same type of exercise each day or make each day intense.
  • Doing some type of training every day can actually help relieve stress and keep your body moving with ease. The older you are, the more likely you’ll lose gains with too many days between workouts.
  • If you choose to do strength training every day, do short, easy sessions. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you have a particularly intense workout, take it easy the next day.

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