Pros And Cons Of A Workout Partner

You may have read about all the benefits of having a workout partner but are still unclear whether it’s the right move for you. While there are a lot of good reasons to have one, it’s not for everyone. There are some reasons not to have one. Here are the pros and cons of a workout partner so you can decide whether having one is right for you.

You’ll be more accountable if you have a workout partner.

You’ll be more apt to make it to the gym if you have a workout partner. Just knowing you’ll be meeting with them is one reason to go to the gym. On those days you go but aren’t motivated to work your hardest, a workout partner can push you to work a little harder. One study found that people who were called just once every two weeks to find out how they were progressing tended to stick with their exercise program. In fact, the study showed they were 78% more likely to exercise.

Keeping up with the Jones can be a good thing.

Everyone wants to look their best when they know someone is watching. If your workout partner pushes hard, you’ll tend to push out harder. It’s human nature to do that and compete. That can also include working out longer and not cutting out early and skip the last few exercises. Workout partners can push you to try something new, that you might not try if you’re by yourself. They can also share knowledge about form or types of workouts that you may not know.

Some workout buddies are far less dependable than you.

You have to know whether your workout buddy will show ahead of time. If they’re not reliable, you have to be able to cut the ties. The same is true if you’re seeing it actually slows your training and has become more social than physical. That can be pretty tough to do, so set ground rules before you start or face the possibility of ending a friendship. If you both have the same goals, same special needs and fitness level, it’s easier, but if you don’t, one will be holding the other back. Always have a back-up plan in case your workout partner bails.

  • You can get all the benefits of having a workout buddy, with none of the drawbacks if you workout with a personal trainer. You’ll actually get faster results, since the trainer provides the best program to achieve your goals.
  • A workout partner can be perfect if you’re lifting. He or she is a natural as your spotter. For runners, partners are also a safety benefit, especially if you’re running when it’s dark, like early in the morning. It’s a second person that can call for help if something happens.
  • A workout partner can help take the boredom out of the workout and make you look forward to it. If you enjoy it, you’ll be more apt to stick with the program.
  • Workout partners can provide motivation with praise when you accomplish a task and provide more beyond just exercise. They can be an asset when it comes to healthy eating, even sharing recipes.

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