Smoothies And Spandex

If you expect your visit to the gym to be filled with gorgeous fit people all wearing the latest Spandex workout clothes and drinking exotic smoothies, you’ll really be surprised when you come to Habitat Health and Fitness. Some people avoid going to the gym because they think they have to dress and look a certain way. That’s just not true here. You do have to be dressed for comfort and movement, but there are no fashion police here. All our clients are focused on their fitness and dress comfortably and ready for action.

A workout program is to help you achieve your highest level of fitness and be your best.

Our focus is on your goals, whether it’s improving your fitness level or losing weight. There’s no lounging around the gym and spending time at the juice bar. People are here to get the best possible results, not for a fashion show or lunch. Everyone wears clothes that help them workout comfortably. We pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve their best and it doesn’t matter whether they’re wearing the latest Spandex gym wear or a t-shirt and comfortable shorts.

What’s really important is how you feel and sometimes clothing makes a difference.

While wearing the latest fashion isn’t necessary or even encouraged, having comfortable running or cross training shoes, a supportive sports bra, tee or tank and comfortable shorts that let you move with ease. If the material is breathable, moisture wicking and lightweight, it’s suitable for working out and will keep you comfortable. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about fashion, but the ability to move providing support without chaffing, tugging or tightness.

Smoothies can help you lose weight and can be part of your fitness program, just not at the gym.

We focus on getting you fit and healthy. While smoothies as part of a healthy eating program can be part of that, when you come to Habitat Health and Fitness, it’s all about getting the best workout and maximizing your time at the gym. Fitness classes are meant to get you in shape and that’s what you’ll spend your time doing here. We focus on exercise, not lounging.

  • If you want a smoothie after a workout, you can make one at home by putting whole fruit in the blender with some Greek yogurt. You won’t have the added sugar and still get the fiber you’d get from eating the whole fruit.
  • There’s nothing wrong with looking your best at the gym, but if you can, workout before you put on your makeup or remove it before you start. Otherwise, you’ll find it dripping off your chin at the end of the workout.
  • If you’re going to buy new gym clothes, look for those that provide wicking and breathability. They’ll keep you more comfortable. Never wear clothing that binds. It can cause chaffing. Focus on good shoes and a good sports bra first.
  • If you’re still concerned on what to wear, come in for the three free workouts. You’ll find people who dress a variety of ways and are more focused on their form than their clothing. It’s the way a gym should be.

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