Staying In Shape With A Busy Lifestyle

Staying in shape can be difficult for busy people, but it’s those same people that will benefit from it most. Maintaining a crowded schedule requires extra energy, which you’ll have if you workout regularly. Busy people often are under stress, another reason is that the busier you are, the more important it is to exercise. Exercise is a stress buster. It burns off the hormones of stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

Put your workout on your schedule, like a doctor’s appointment.

While it’s not a doctor’s appointment, it can help reduce the number of appointments you’ll need with your healthcare provider by improving your overall health. The logic is simple, when you make the time, you don’t have to find the time. Instead of waiting until the end of the day to fit in your workout or when you have spare time, which is never, your workout is already on your calendar. It makes your health and workout a top priority.

Workout the first thing in the morning.

Schedule your workout before the first phone call, getting the kids dressed for school or even taking your morning shower. You’ll have fewer distractions and can cross it off your to-do list immediately. Exercise helps clear the mind and boosts circulation, when you do go to work or start on the day’s tasks, you’ll be more focused and have increased cognition to make the day run smoother. It also starts your day with a metabolic boost.

Work smarter and maximize your benefits.

Having a program that is customized and based on your goals helps you see results faster. Faster results are a huge motivator. If you’re a busy person, many of these workouts don’t require as much time. Circuit training, kettlebell training and HIIT—high intensity interval training—can reduce the amount of time you spend at each session, giving you more benefits in less time. It’s all about how intense the workout is and whether it’s steady-state or modified to adjust the intensity levels throughout the workout.

  • If you’re in a pinch and can’t maintain your normal workout schedule, you can break it up into smaller sessions. You could do several 10 to 15-minute sessions throughout the day, take a walk at lunch to add extra steps or exercise at night while watching TV or movies.
  • If you have a group you always meet with after work, switch that meeting from the coffee shop or bar to the gym. Make your social time fitness time.
  • Some people simply hate working out and find reasons to avoid it. If that describes you, time isn’t a problem. You simply don’t like it. Find something active that you do enjoy, such as dancing or basketball, and do it. Alternate between gym sessions and your new favorite exercise.
  • Get even more benefits from your workout by supplementing it with healthy eating habits. One small step that can make a big difference is cutting out food with added sugar and highly processed food.

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