The Best Exercises For Already Athletic Men

Athletic men and women often look for more challenging exercises so they can be their fittest and perform their best. These exercises are often variations of the ones in most workouts. If you are tired of trying to max out the number of push-ups you can do and want to make push-ups harder. The journey toward the perfect Aztec push-ups will meet your needs.

You need to learn several types of push-ups before you attempt the

To prepare for the Aztec push-up, learning a progression of push-up variations is a must. Start with the clapping push-up where you push up, lift your hands to clap, and land your palms on the ground to lower your body. Once you master that, move to the next level, a full-body explosive push-up where you push up with your hands and feet. There are several more challenging push-ups before you get to the Aztec variation. The X-push-up or shoulder tap, the explosive mountain pose, and the knee tap push-up are a few. Each one is demanding, so the process of doing the Aztec push-up will keep you challenged throughout.

If you feel like burpees are becoming easy, try a burpee box jump.

Choose a knee-high step or table that’s very strong. Start the burpee box jump traditionally, down to a squat, then into a high plank position. Lower your body by bending your elbow, then push your body back up and hop your legs underneath you to a standing position. Jump on the box, move to a squat position, then step off the box, and repeat from the start.

A one-arm ab roller can challenge your strength and balance.

To do the one-arm ab roller start with a dumbbell that rolls or an ab roller that lets you hold it in the center with weight on each side. Bend at the waist, keeping your feet together with the ab roller on the floor. Slowly slide the roller forward, keeping your other arm across your chest. Extend your body fully, barely touching your arm on the floor, then pull the roller toward your feet and move back to the starting position.

  • A Russian step-up looks simple but is extremely difficult. Start with a step that will bring your thigh up slightly lower than your hip. Step up with one foot and bring the other leg up with the thigh parallel to the ground.
  • If the burpee box jump isn’t tough enough for you, consider doing a one-legged burpee or a weighted burpee. You’ll hold a dumbbell in each hand when you do the weighted burpee.
  • If you’ve mastered the front lever hold, have good pulling strength, and can do weighted pull-ups, consider trying the front lever pull-up. It’s challenging, which is what many athletic people want.
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