Think Healthy Thoughts

Your attitude and thoughts make a difference in whether you’ll be healthy, happy or even successful. That’s why we encourage you to think healthy thoughts at Habitat Health and Fitness in Lakeland, Florida. Getting fit is all about eating healthy and exercising regularly. If you hate exercise or worry that you might injure yourself, despite a doctor’s okay, you probably won’t get the results you want, making it easier to quit entirely.

Healthy thoughts include appreciating what you have and how much you’ve achieved.

If you’re constantly looking as the glass half empty and have a losing attitude, getting fit and healthy will be harder. Instead, focus on all the progress you made and look for improvements in your fitness, like being able to climb a full set of stairs without getting winded or noting your blood pressure dropped several points. Never compare yourself with other people, just focus on how far you came. Quit focusing on any past failures and look to future improvements.

You can make yourself sick with unhealthy thoughts.

Unhealthy thoughts can bring stress, which actually negatively affect your body. Stress keeps your body in a constant fight or flight mode, disturbing your digestive system and even altering your heart rate and blood pressure. Stress is the reason many people develop serious conditions after losing a spouse, a job or after being in stressful situations for a long time. You can control that stress by focusing on the positive and with exercise. Exercise helps reverse the changes caused by the fight or flight response to prevent serious problems it can cause.

Your attitude and thoughts affect your eating habits.

There are people who are emotional eaters, either looking to food for comfort, to disperse anger or calm themselves, stuffing their emotions down with food. Identifying the emotional turmoil finding a new way to deal can make a difference. Your attitude toward healthy food also makes a difference in whether you’ll stick with a program. Focus on food that you enjoy and find ways to make it healthier. Eating foods high in nutrients that increase brain chemicals, like serotonin, which help calm you is also important. Those include nuts, seeds, fish, fruits and vegetables. The better you feed your body, the healthier your mind and thoughts will be.

  • Healthy thoughts aid you in caring for yourself. Self-care includes noticing when you need to rest and getting adequate sleep, eating healthy meals, taking time to relax and enjoy life, plus exercise.
  • Find something you love about your workout. Maybe it’s noticing how much more control you have over your body or how great you feel when you’re done. Focus on that during workouts, rather than something negative.
  • Workout with a friend or life partner. It’s more fun to workout together. It can be a date night followed by a healthy dinner at a restaurant or one you two make together. It also makes you look forward to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Drink more water. Most people fail to drink enough water and that can leave them feeling exhausted or achy. Take up a challenge to drink water throughout the day. Try to drink an ounce of water for every pound you weigh. If you don’t like plain water, make infused water.

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