What Is Your Fitness Goal?

If you haven’t already set a fitness goal. It’s time to start. Setting a goal is like having a destination on a road trip. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know when you get there and you definitely won’t know the quickest way to go. A fitness goal can be anything that’s important to you. If you want to look better, it can be toning your body or losing weight. If your health is top priority, it may include building your strength, flexibility and endurance.

Once you set your goal, you’ll have a specific target at which to aim.

Your goal needs to be specific, besides being extremely important. Don’t just say you want to lose weight, but note how much you want to lose. It’s the difference between going to a town and going to a town to a specific address. A combination of a healthy diet and a program of consistent exercise that’s based on your specific goal is normally the answer to fitness goals.

How does having a goal give you motivation?

Having a goal that’s specific and one that’s measurable can help keep you on track. How do you measure your progress? That all depends on what your goal is. Is it to lose inches and look fit or lose pounds? Do you want to have more energy? Is more flexibility, strength or endurance what’s important to you? You can measure yourself, weigh yourself, or track the number of reps you do. You can also take a picture once a month in the same outfit, at the same place to show how improved you look every month.

Break down your goal to smaller steps.

A big goal is motivating, but doesn’t keep you motivated. You need small wins along the way to do that. When you break down your goal to smaller, more quickly accomplished chunks, you get success every time you achieve that smaller goal. Success builds success. While a big goal can get you started, breaking it down to smaller goals keeps you motivated.

  • Don’t forget to write down your goal and break it down to the steps to reach it. Also record your progress. If you’re out of shape, it can be as simple as being able to run around the block without stopping.
  • Staying motivated is easier if you have accountability. When you know someone else is watching your progress, you’ll be more motivated than if nobody is watching.
  • Our semi-private and team training classes not only provide a personal trainer who works with each person individually, it also provides comradery. You’ll make friends who can help drive you toward success.
  • Our trainers can create a program for you that will help you reach your goal faster. We take a scientific approach that makes your workout time more effective.

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